What Will I Have For Dinner

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And here I am sitting in the sunroom reading through this old cook book thinking about all our moves that began with the Cariboo forest. There have been so many things to downsize but my “old friend” has always been by my side. Now, I look at this encyclopedic cook-book and think, what shall I do with you?

There is a commotion at the door. Who is coming?

“Hi Mom, I guess we are all ready to go now. What do you have there?”

“I was wondering what to have for dinner so thought I would get an idea from my first cook book. It was so handy when we first married.”

“I am sure you can take it with you if you want to.”

“Why? Where are we going?”

“Don’t you remember I told you earlier? We found that nice care home that will give you three meals a day and you will no longer have to cook.”

“But then, I will no longer need my book. What will happen to it?”

“Well, if you like, I will take it and treasure it just as you have.”

“I have had it for 65 years, and it looks like it needs mending again. Can you do that?”

“Yes. Come now let’s go, I will take it with me.”

And so, my old friend who taught me so much, really everything I needed to know about cooking, preparing food and entertaining, has a new home but is staying in the same family.


What Will I Have For Dinner

I am a true British Columbian who has lived/travelled to most corners of the Province as well as across Canada. My writing has appeared in two Okanagan anthologies, local papers and Canadian Stories.
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