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Welcome To The January 2021 Issue Of Story Quilt!


Winter is here. And so are the vaccines.

At our house we had a large Christmas with small attendance. But no one is sick so we are thankful.

Writing brings rest and comfort in many ways. Things that are bothering us can be put to paper and allowed to rest. Often it’s where it stays. It takes courage to send it away for publication and often this step is not taken. Letters to families and friends are often found in mother’s private boxes not mailed but kept to love and cherish. Children find them after parents have passed away. Time moves forward, never backward. I once asked a preacher what elder patients are most worried about before they die (?). He said they worry about not having settled something that should have been done while healthy and alive.

A new year starts. All the best to everyone and remember to settle things wherever possible.


Ed Janzen


P.S. Check out the winners of The Canadian Stories Magazine 2020 Contest (link).



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The January 2021 Edition Of Story Quilt Just Launched