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The team of Story Quilt consists of:


Managing Editor Ed Janzen
Associate Editor James Deahl Poetry
Associate Editor Anna Rumin True Stories and Creative Non-fiction
Associate Editor Renate Ford Fiction
Associate Editor Margôt Maddison-MacFadyen Children’s
Associate Editor Peter Joyce Travel
Associate Editor Loreena Lee Art and Applied Art
Associate Editor Bruno Penner Associate Editor at Large
Format and Sales U-C WEBS

Here are their bios:

Ed Janzen

Managing Editor
Guelph, Ontario

Ed Janzen

Ed is from Manitoba born into a teaching family. Married Susan in 1952, taught an 8-grade one room school for 4 years, worked on BSc, MSc, PhD in chemistry (U of Manitoba and Iowa State University) for the next 8 years, taught chemistry and managed a research program at the U of Georgia, and U of Guelph, chaired the department of chemistry and biochemistry, directed the MRI program in the OVC, U of Guelph and the Center for Spin Trapping in the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma City until retirement in 1997.

Susan and Ed were fortunate to be invited to many countries during Ed’s career including Germany, Holland, Sweden, England, Finland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, most states of the USA and Porto Rico. They have two children, Charles who owns a record store and Beth who teaches ESL and is a poet and short story writer.

In 1997 Susan and Ed created CANADIAN STORIES, a magazine with national coverage containing submissions from every province with a mailing list of over 300 addresses. The 100th issue was printed December 2014/January 2015.

James Deahl

Senior Editor – Poetry
Sarnia, Ontario

 Editor James Deahl

James Deahl was born in Pittsburgh during 1945, and moved to Canada in 1970. He has lived in Ottawa, Almonte, Sudbury, Wanup, Toronto, London, and Hamilton. At present he lives in Sarnia with the writer Norma West Linder. A full-time writer / editor / translator for the past decade, Deahl is a former teacher / adult educator (he still gives the odd university lecture) and research financial analyst with The Financial Post. (In a former life he wrote a book on economic trends in late capitalism: The Figure 8 Economy.) For ten years he was the managing partner of a literary publisher.

In the spring of 2017 he will celebrate a half-century as a published author with a huge and glorious party. Deahl’s byline has appeared over 275 times in magazines and newspapers in such countries as Australia, China, Cuba, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States, as well as here in Canada, and even once in a university textbook.

He is the author of twenty-three literary titles, the four most recent being: Two Paths Through The Seasons (with Norma West Linder, 2014), North Point (2012), Rooms The Wind Makes (2012), and North Of Belleville (with Richard M. Grove, 2012). He is the father of three young women, Sarah, Simone, and Shona, and the grandfather of Rebekah.

Anna Christine Rumin

Associate Editor – True Stories and Creative Non-fiction
Ottawa, Ontario

Editor Anna RuminAnna Rumin began writing stories during quiet time when she was banished to her bedroom for an hour every afternoon. Instead of lying on her bed, she watched what went on outside her window and later, the comings and goings of her neighborhood became the fodder for her first stories.  After quiet time, her mother would take her to the library where she greedily consumed whatever she could get her hands on and to this day, a good work of non-fiction is almost as delicious as double chocolate brownies, slightly under-cooked.

She began married life in the Eastern Townships of Quebec where she joined the faculty at the Bishop’s University School of Education and where her children were born. Her graduate work was rooted in narrative inquiry and the role life-stories play in education.

After ten years of life in Quebec, her family packed up and moved to Switzerland where she continued to teach, write and travel at almost every opportunity.  Her children met their relatives in Russia, came face to face with lions and elephants in Kenya, rode double-decker buses in London, fed pigeons at the base of the Eiffel Tower, ignored their sea-sick father in Malta, and learned to love the mountains and eat fondue in the tiny chalet they stayed in at the weekends.

Upon their re-entry to Canada the children were somewhat stunned at what they called “the pancake landscape” but they have all settled in nicely, and Anna writes short fiction, designs and teaches a variety of writing courses in Ottawa, teaches online, eats chocolate on a daily basis, travels when she can, generally whines when she can’t be outdoors on a daily basis, works as a story-scribe, and continues to consume good fiction.

Renate Ford

Associate Editor – Fiction
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Picture of Editor Renate FordI was born in Germany, but immigrated to Canada as a young child. I grew up in Vancouver, attended UBC and the University of Hamburg (Germany), and graduated with the equivalent of a B.A. degree in Cultural Geography. Belize was my next stop, where I worked on a Mayan archaeology project and then taught high school in Belize City for two years. Sacramento, California, eventually became my home for 30 years. I taught middle school English, and later trained/coached teachers throughout California.

In 2004, I returned to Vancouver, where I now live with my elderly mother. Here in Canada, I keep busy tutoring high school students (writing skills especially), continuing my Spanish studies and, of course, writing my own stories whenever I can find time. I am excited about the Story Quilt and look forward to working with you on it.

Margôt Maddison-MacFadyen

Associate Editor – Children’s Stories
Rennies Road, Prince Edward Island

Margôt Maddison-MacFadyenBritish Columbian by birth, Margôt calls Prince Edward Island home. A high school English teacher for eighteen years, she returned to academia in 2010 to undertake an interdisciplinary PhD at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. After graduation, her plans are to take up a postdoctoral fellowship at Nipissing University where she will be connected with Nipissing’s Environmental Studies/Sciences Program.

From an early age Margôt frequented libraries, and she made good use of them. She remembers reading Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit and all of Potter’s children’s books that followed. She also devoured the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Trixie Belden series of mystery novels for Junior readers, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Hobbit. At 12, Margôt moved on to The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien’s other works. At 16, she read the works of William Shakespeare.

Margôt consistently returns to reading works intended for children, Junior, and Young Adult readers. She has a penchant for these stories and books. Her current favourite title is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

Writing from an early age, Margôt remembers crafting her first story when she was six. It was about birds and styled after Beatrix Potter’s stories. Her family’s reception of the story was lukewarm, at best, but it was a beginning.

In her fifties, Margôt found success as a writer. Her poems, short stories, and essays have appeared nationally and internationally in cultural and scholarly journals, and in anthologies, including the Newfoundland Quarterly, the Bermuda Journal of Archaeology and Maritime History, and Snow Softly Falling: Holiday Stories from Prince Edward Island. A book chapter recently appeared in Critical Insights: The Slave Narrative, published by Salem Press.

Margôt’s poems and short stories have won prizes in the Cox & Palmer Island Literary Awards. She co-edited A Gathering of TWiGS, which won the 2014 Prince Edward Island Book Award for Poetry, and her self-published short fiction collection for Junior readers, When the Circus Comes to Town and Other Stories, took Honourable Mention in Canadian Stories 2013 Self-Published Book Contest in the children’s book category.

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre selected the second edition of When the Circus Comes to Town and Other Stories for inclusion in Best Book for Kids and Teens, Spring 2016.

Peter Joyce

Associate Editor – Travel Stories
Ottawa, Ontario

Peter JoyceBorn and raised in the countryside near London Ontario, Peter had a life-long love of words from his earliest remembrances. When not reading everything upon which he could lay his hands, he would wander the fields and forests, and jot down tales to relate at family dinners. Not surprisingly Literature was his favourite subject throughout all of his schooling.

Carleton University lured him to Ottawa in the Sixties for a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Soviet and East European Studies. That Degree led him to a 33-year career at the Communications Security Establishment. In his final government years, Peter served as Branch Historian and coined “Time Capsules” – one-page historical vignettes that were published in Web and paper form, and even turned into videos. The Union of National Defence Employees also contracted him as their Historian, and he still serves in that capacity to this day.

Peter has been contributing submissions to Canadian Stories since the magazine’s early days. Additionally, numerous pieces have been published in various journals, newspapers and Web sites.

Travel is his second greatest passion. Exploring by foot led to buses and trains and cars and planes that have taken him all over North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. His goal is to visit all the continents so “Look Out” South America, Australia and Antarctica here he comes. Stories pour forth from all his wanderings.

An early marriage blessed Peter with two fine offspring: Niky and Tim. A long-standing marriage was ended all too soon by cancer but left him with the fondest of memories and a Bachelor of Arts in English. Peter is currently in a committed relationship with the lovely Louise O’Connor. She too loves to travel.

Loreena Lee

Associate Editor – Art and Applied Art
Abbotsford. British Columbia
Picture of Editor Loreena LeeLoreena M. Lee, afca is an established artist, has instructed beginning artists for over 40 years and has exhibited her work since 1973. Her work hangs in corporations and private collections in Canada, as well as Hungary, Germany, Denmark and the United States.

Her Publications include:

  • “Satin Shoes”, a ghost story for young adults, published by Libros Libertad.
  • “Within These Bonds”, a novel of pre-WWII life on a homestead in Alberta, published by Libros Libertad.
  • “Moon Under Water”, the sequel to Within These Bonds, taking place in Vancouver, BC. Published by Cordillera North.
  • “Dragons I Know,” an illustrated children’s book published by Ryan Publications.
  • “Kitchen Tales, an illustrated cookbook containing recipes and stories, published by Cordillera North.

As well as a biography entitled, “The Gabor Sisters of Smoky Lake”, she has published two art text books, “Drawing, the Theory of Relativity”, and “The Shapemakers Guide to Composition”, and has produced two training videos, “Finding Negative Space”, and “Sea and Snow, Techniques in Watercolor”.

Memberships include the Federation of BC Writers and the Langley Writers Guild. She is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Currently, she’s working on her next novel, her memoirs and illustrating another children’s book.

Bruno Penner

Associate Editor At Large
Leamington, Ontario

Picture of Editor Bruno PennerBruno is from Saskatchewan born into a teacher’s family. Public school teachers moved around quite a bit and so did Bruno’s family: first to Heidelberg, then to Hamburg. Correspondence classes from Rostern provided Grade 9 and 10. Bruno attended Rostern Junior College for Grade 11 and 12. For one year Bruno’s family moved to Greendale, BC but when the entire village was flooded out by the Fraser River they moved (in a 1936 Chevrolet) to Leamington, Ontario.

At this time Bruno worked at repairing radios first in Chilliwack, BC, and then in Windsor, Ontario. Next Bruno took a 2-year course in Radio Electronics Trade School in Detroit. At night he worked on radios in Leamington, later joining the company full time. Next Bruno taught radio electronics in Toronto, later teaching TV repair in the Practical Electronics Television School. There was also a stint at Phillips of Canada in Toronto and a course in engineering at the University of Toronto, which earned him a BASc and the coveted status of Professional Engineer. Finally Bruno landed a job as high school teacher in the Leamington District Secondary School System. He retired in 1989 after 25 years of teaching.

Now Bruno had time to pursue his first love and attended 4 years of Creative Writing courses at the University of Windsor taught by Professors Plante, Watson, McNamara and Hornsey. Here is where he attained his passion for writing “correct” Short Stories (“They must have unity”) and Creative Fiction.

Bruno is married to Freda who critiques all of Bruno’s writings. They have three children: Judy and Robert are programmers and Brian is a registered nurse in St. Boniface. Bruno has serious medical issues he has successfully fought off and kept at bay.

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Web Developers
Fergus, Ontario

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