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Story Quilt is an online magazine that can exist because of your contributions. We need your stories!

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Stories can be told in many ways:

  • “True” format using personal experiences or true facts from known sources, or
  • “Fiction” based on facts, or
  • “Pure Fiction”, or
  • “Art” as in artist’s creations either in black and white or colour, or Photography, or
  • “Applied Arts” as in quilts, or in Videos, or in Music,

or in any combination of the above. Suitable essays and novellas may also be considered.

We accept stories from authors from various fields. Your post must have unique content and add value to our website.

We do some checks on the submitted content in order to verify whether it indeed is unique and not available on other websites yet. Submitting of already available content will lead to removal of the published content and possibly the contributor’s account as well.

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You may include to a link to your website in your Author box by completing the “website field” on your writer’s account page; this link will be for your Name only; links in the Author Description are allowed.

Media (Audio, Video, Images)

Due to security reasons we are not allowing upload of any media files with guest posts. Please use free media hosting services and then share the URL with us where we can download your media. For images: please indicate where you got them from, and make sure we can verify your rights to use the image. An image can for instance be Public Domain, or come from an image sharing site where the publisher grants other people the right to use it, with or without attribution. We do not want to open ourselves up to legal liability and reserve the right to remove your images and/or replace them with something else.

All posts submitted here will be held for moderation and if published, author will be notified via email.


There will be no violence accepted in these contributions as judged by the associate editors. No sexual nuances, no racism, no vulgar vocabulary, no politics, no religion, no exploitation stories, and no hero worship. But we do want to see happy, energetic, creative, challenging, intriguing and unique material. Examples in www.canadianstories.net may help to define the content of Story Quilt.

Free Media Hosting Services

Some free media hosting services for you to consider (note: these are not endorsements, merely references):
File Sharing: Dropbox
Videos: YouTube (please post as “unlisted”)
Audio: SoundCloud

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