Comments Allowed – If You Want

When we started Story Quilt, we wanted it to be an environment where authors could safely publish their stories, without being discouraged by (potentially unfair) criticism.

Then some authors have reached out to us and said they would like readers to be able to reach out to them, to tell them what they thought of their stories.

So we tried to find a happy medium:
If you want, we can enable comments for your stories. All comments will be monitored by us, and only positive comments will be published – only for the authors that want them. If you would also welcome constructive criticism, let us know, and we will allow those as well. And if you want the comments on your stories closed again, we will do just that.

We may edit comments for language that is not in line with a positive comment, or constructive criticism. Comments are meant to help the authors, not feed the egos of the commenters.

Hope you like this new feature, and email if you want comments enabled for your stories – and also whether you want to allow for constructive criticism to be published.

  • Allow comments for your stories?
  • Allow comments that provide constructive criticism as well?

Questions? Email us at