The Birdbath Quilt

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Four of the five members of the long-time Birds of a Feather quilting bee had gathered at Loretta Jimson’s farmhouse for their Tuesday morning quilting session

“Where’s Carole?” asked Fredericka (Freddie) Hollis, our youngest member. “I thought she’d be coming today.”

“She’ll be along,” Loretta responded with a smile. “Carole said she needed to run an errand for her mother first and might be a little delayed.”

We all knew that the past year had been very difficult for Carole Fortescue ever since her mom, Edna had suffered a stroke.

“Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed,” responded Janice Bethune. “I don’t think I would have had half the patience Carole has.” To which we silently agreed. (Janice is the most senior member of the group and the best hand quilter; however, she’s not the most patient when it comes to other peoples’ illnesses or shortcomings).

Just then, the sound of a car was heard driving slowly into Loretta’s yard.

“I bet that’s Carole,” Freddie said with a grin. “D’you want me to get the door, Loretta?”

“Thanks, Freddie that’d be great.”

A minute later, voices and laughter were heard.

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In 1995 I began a series of stories titled The Recorded Adventures of the Birds of a Feather Quilting Bee. A couple of these were published in The Canadian Quilter. Several stories were published in the discontinued Canada Quilts and many more of these quilting short stories were published in Canadian Stories.
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