First Christmas Angels

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First Christmas Angels
Angels frolicking in the sky
Playing with the wind
Dancing freestyle
Winging it
between the sunset and the stars
Loop de loops
Feathers flying

Michael, Gabriel, a choir of others
Six-winged seraphim
Blasting their trumpets,
tubas and trombones
Jangling silver tambourines
Ringing golden bells.
Swooping through the stable doors
Running clucking with the chickens
Tickling fat-tailed winter sheep
Laughing with the cows

Popping up this way and that
Tossing straw around the stable
Joy to the world good and loud
Shouting yoo-hoo to the shepherds
Come see a special newborn lamb

There are camels with their wise men
not too far behind
Tonight’s the night to whoop it up
Peace on earth tomorrow


Angels flying at night with full moon

Bob Boulton is a writer of stories, articles and verse. He is a contributing columnist for The Sarnia Journal.
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