Men’s Dreams

“Bill, come over here. Hurry. See what I've found.”

It's Frank calling.


“I'm not saying, Bill. You've got to catch up. See for yourself. Can you make it?”

“Ok, Ok. Give me a few minutes. I'll catch up”.

“Come on. The exercise is good for you.”

“Yea, I know. It's my bum leg. All this junk lying around in the grass. Messy wrecking yard. But I guess they're all like that.”

“Nope. I've seen the odd neat one or two. This one's about average.”

“I'm working up a sweat with all this walking. What you got to show me that's worth all this work?”

“I know you're hurting, Bill. Sorry about that. But maybe this will keep your mind off the pain.”

“Holy hubcaps, Frank. A 55 Chev. Where in tarnation did you find this?”

“It's a 2-door post at that, wouldn't you know.”

“Who would be so cruel as to strip off the front clip?”

“But look. It's the plain Jane model 150. They were the salesman's dream back in the day. No back seat. No wall between the trunk and back area so they could shove in their samples. Even sealed back windows. If no one sat in the back why waste money on window cranks?”

“You're right. These also had an extra leaf in the rear springs to carry heavier loads. That's why the stock car guys got most of them after they were dumped by first buyers. Tough cars.”

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Men's Dreams

Ed Janzen is the editor and publisher of CANADIAN STORIES, a literary folk magazine that publishes short stories and poems from Canadian writers of every province of Canada. Story Quilt is an electronic magazine similar in content. Ed has written four memoirs. He also writes for the old car hobby and has a column in OLD AUTOS - a biweekly newspaper featuring mostly Canadians events and automotive history.
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