What Makes you Tick?

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I understand mechanics in a very small degree

how clocks can tick away our lives indiscriminantly.

And even without looking at the clock, time flies on by

I no sooner say ‘good morning’ when I have to say goodbye.

How can we really slow our lives so breathing isn’t fast?

to get more done in our days, as we did in years gone past?

Our ancestors worked from sun to sun building homes and farming.

when I still can’t seem to get much done; even by mid-morning.

What seems to take my time away, I’d like to really know?

Oh, just a sec, I see a message, my computer screen’s a-glow.

What Makes you Tick

Dianne J Ferris is author of The Purple Doll, co-author of Fibs & Memories; Ten Short Stories, author of Adventures at Loch Arran Resort and a poetry e-book, Linked by Love. She is currently working on her next historical fiction, Letitia Bryce. Dianne has three adult children and eight grandchildren.
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