Under the Beds

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Afraid of the monster that’s under your bed?
“It really must be there ’cause everyone said!”

It lingers on objects, it hovers, it hides,
And one cannot see it with mere ‘naked eyes’!

It finds you at playtime.
It finds you at tea.
It grabs you, observes you.
It’s everywhere you’ll be!

Stay in your houses,
Shun all your friends,
Don’t visit the doctor,
You know how this ends!

Cancel all travel,
Be sure to spread fear.
You have to remember that it’s always here!

What’s that little Johnny?
What’s that Linda-Sue?
Your father is home and he knows what to do.

He’ll open the closets and check under beds.
He’ll talk with the doctor, he’ll know what is said!

“I promise you children, there’s nothing to dread.
I have searched in the closets and under the beds.
I have spoken to doctors and heard what they said.

Now off to sleep, young ones, like good little dears.
Your “monster” is vanquished and so have your fears”.


Teddy bear monster under a bed


Wendy Welk was born in Alberta, Canada and spent her formative years stargazing and joyfully playing in the snow. Wendy's poems have appeared in newspapers and magazines. She lives with her son and is still a fan of snow!
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  1. author

    Anonymous4 months ago

    Cool poem!

    • author

      Wendy Welk3 weeks ago

      Thanks so much!


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