Gold Is Where You Find It

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“Wow! I’ve only seen a Fisher once in my life.  They’re about as elusive as a Wolverine.”

Ned smiled as he responded, “that’s for sure.”

After Millie had taken a few photos, they headed back to the sled. “Sounds like those dogs hear us; they’re getting impatient again,’ she said.

“You betcha!”

Millie climbed back in the sled and got herself settled.  Ned then gave the command, “Hike!” and the team headed out.

As they continued down the trail, she noticed they were approaching the hills and the path began to climb.  Off in one field Mollie spotted a coyote trotting down the far fence. Now, the dogs pulled harder, their tongues lolling as they galloped up a steeper incline.  As they reached the top, Ned called, “Whoa! This is where I let my dogs stop to have a  rest before we head back, so if you’d like to take some more pictures, please go ahead.”

“May I take some dog photos?”

“That would be great!”

As Millie stepped out of the sled, she noticed something moving on a nearby snow bank, something she hadn’t seen in years – springtails  or snow fleas, they were called.  “Look Ned,” she said excitedly.  She bent down to see if her camera would catch the movement, but they were too small.

Ned came over for a look.  “Yeah, those tiny critters can jump three to four inches.”

“My goodness,” Millie exclaimed,  “I can’t believe that in one morning, I’ve seen as much wildlife or signs of.”

“Ned smiled. “I agree.  Also, one could spend days out here and not see a thing.  I never tire of exploring this area.  “Well, I guess we’d better head back” he said somewhat reluctantly.  “There’ll be another sled heading our way pretty soon.”

Millie climbed back in the sled and Ned gave the signal to head back.

As for Millie, she watched the dogs as Ned gave the command to “Haw” or turn left.  What a fascinating morning it had been.  And in Millie’s mind an idea was forming.

When Ned got his dogs back to the pen, Millie told him how much she’d enjoyed the trip with these wonderful dogs.  “At my age, to experience the beauty of winter by dogsled is something I will always treasure.  One is never too old to wonder.”    

“I agree. You know, Millie, when I saw you with your camera, I realized you were quite an accomplished photographer, and I was going to ask if you would like to photograph what would be my last dog team.  If you are willing, would you consider setting up a time this week when we could meet and discuss this?”

Millie was thrilled.   In fact, your suggestion was just what I was going to ask you.  Yes, I would be delighted, Ned.  The photos would also be a memory of my dogsled ride.”

After shaking Ned’s hand, Millie headed back to the main entrance.  She had much to tell Dolores when they met that afternoon.   As she entered the building, that old adage she’d first heard in Yukon came back to her:  Gold is where you find it.





Gold Is Where You Find It

In 1995 I began a series of stories titled The Recorded Adventures of the Birds of a Feather Quilting Bee. A couple of these were published in The Canadian Quilter. Several stories were published in the discontinued Canada Quilts and many more of these quilting short stories were published in Canadian Stories.
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