Big Boss Betty’s Bakery Bakes Beautiful Bread

Better believe Betty’s Bakery business bakes beautifully.
Betty’s biscuits, buns, brownies! Behold! Blissful breathtaking banana bread! Bounteous breads beckon. Boring, bland, bourgeois baking begone. Baker Betty’s born. Booyah!
But before breakfast, Betty’s brother Boris be bopped beside Betty’s baking brioche. Brother Boris boasted, “Boogie, baby, boogie”. Bread batches buckled, broke, busted.
Betty boohooed, bawled, burbled. But, by brunch, Boris’s boneheaded boogieing backfired. Betty blossomed, Betty bristled, Betty blazed, bellowed, boomed. Baker Betty became Big Boss Betty. Bang!
Battles began. Betty’s brioche blasted Boris’s beak. Boris bumped Betty. Betty booted Boris back. Bitterness brewed. Betty barked, “Baloney! Balderdash!” Betty banished bewildered, baffled brother Boris.
Betty, Big Boss Betty, breathed, “Bye-bye, Boris. Bye-bye.”

Logo Betty's Bakery

Born, raised and living again in Sarnia, Ontario, Bob Boulton began writing poetry, short stories and humorous articles for his high school newspaper in the period just after dinosaurs roamed the earth. After a break of about 40 years, he reactivated his passion for writing, including his blog “Bob’s Write from the Start” aimed at new and renewing writers. Bob’s Write From The Start blog can be found at
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