Rocky The Extraterrestrial Cat

Other cats on Xenia enjoyed their lives, but Rocky was discontented. He was filled with wanderlust to see what the rest of the universe looked like.

Xenia was a small planet on which all of the cats knew and got along with each other. Rocky’s compatriots knew about his desire to travel away from the planet. So, one day they all got together and decided to build a metal spaceship which Rocky could use to take a vacation. All of the cats were good with their paws, which they used as hands. They also had scientific knowledge and advanced equipment and had drawn up detailed plans of what they would build and how it would travel around Xenia. It took them many months to build the spaceship. As soon as it was finished, the other cats gathered around to watch Rocky depart. The spaceship carrying Rocky was launched from a newly built space centre. It was an event that was celebrated throughout the planet.

At first Rocky’s trip went well. He marvelled at the immensity of the many glittering planets and stars. Rocky was so fascinated by all the galactic scenery he saw, that he did not notice his spaceship leave the orbit of Xenia and enter earth’s orbit. By the time he noticed where he was, he realized that he was lost and could not find his way back to Xenia. He had also lost communication with the space centre on Xenia. A strong force coming from the galaxy pulled his spaceship towards earth.

Rocky’s spaceship landed in a field by an abandoned building in Hamilton, Ontario. Rocky know he was on earth because the control panel on his spaceship indicated how far he had gone and where he was. Rocky, through his studies of other planets, galaxies, and universes knew what life forms occupied earth and where they resided.

“Earthlings are different from Xenians,” he said to himself. “They take the forms of humans who are the higher forms of life while cats and other animals are the lower forms of life, whereas on Xenia cats are the only life forms and are intelligent creatures. Big cats like me  do not live domestically on earth and are only found in the wild or in zoos. where they are kept in cages. They are totally unintelligent and have to either forage for food themselves, if they are in the wild ,or be fed if they are in zoos. Humans keep cats and dogs as pets, but they are stupid and unintelligent.

Rocky knew that he did not want to live in a cage and must fit into his new environment. In order to be taken for an ordinary earth cat, he used his extraterrestrial powers to transform himself from a tiger to a typical earth cat, an orange and brown tabby. As a tabby cat wandering around earth, he would blend in with all the other cats. Rocky hid his spaceship in an abandoned building near where he landed. He then set off to find a home where he could reside until he figured out what to do. He eventually made his way to a house on Sirente Drive and stopped on the front porch to rest. This is where Joel and Ella Anderson found him and treated him to a life of luxury.

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Deborah Eker has a degree in library science and is an avid reader. She has also worked as a newspaper reporter and has had numerous articles published. She has had poems and stories published in Canadian Stories and in a variety of other magazines and anthologies.
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