From The Editor

Welcome To The July 2017 Issue Of Story Quilt!


I'm having trouble keeping up with submissions from so many worthy writers who are sending their work to Story Quilt and CANADIAN STORIES. Isn't that wonderful? Who would have thought both magazines would be as successful as they are. And this is so because of the many hours spent by volunteers to keep both going. Writing and publishing is not a profitable business but we do it anyway.

The driving force in all this is, writers want to get published. And I am one of those. The first joy is to create something that can be read. The second joy is to see it published and in print. The third joy is to get a response whether verbal or in writing showing that someone has actually read your work. In the “new” age of computers where data can be collected as easy as having breakfast, we can even see by computer count how many have bumped into your story world-wide. Amazing.

Enjoy. There's joy in readin' and writin' as our older generation used to say.



Ed Janzen



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