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Today I planted a tray of pansies. Admittedly it's early in the season considering the weather in this area of the world. South central Ontario has had ice and snow and wind for the last two weeks and not all of it is gone as of April 24, 2018. However stubbornness won the day with a medley of pansy colour.

One schoolgirl said a cheerful hello from the front walk as she came home from school. I liked that. I wonder if she'll tell her Mom she saw some pansies being coaxed into a tall pot on someone's front yard.

Usually May 24 is the day to start gardening with vegetables but pansies are tough. We can start them early and see them go all summer into the frost. Sometimes we yearn for flowers that can't survive but we should be thankful for those that will. We look for colour but that means annuals. Per-annuals need less work but are usually less colourful.

This household is plagued with sensitivities to aromatic plants so the colour has to remain on the deck and in the front yard. Life ain't perfect. We do what we have to do to keep our spirit alive and well.

Stay cheerful.


Ed Janzen



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