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Welcome To The November 2017 Issue Of Story Quilt!


Gardening and Writing

Our gardening has diminished over the years but still attracts my enthusiasm in the spring. In fall as of now, not so much. Hallowe'en last night brings the thought of snow as a possible in this part of the country but luckily none appeared. The final touches to the yard await for a sunny day before snow blowers take over the sidewalk.

I'd rather spend the time writing. Contributions to Ed's Column for an old car enthusiasts' newspaper-magazine called OLD AUTOS await my muse, the second book in a new series called Thirty Five Short Stories about an old car, is in the works, a fourth Memoir is being written in the wee hours of the night, and a novel needs to be shortened and edited. I now can create stories as I two-finger type (slowly) for a couple of hours before my back complains.

Thank goodness for peace and safety for gardening and writing in this country.


Ed Janzen



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