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Welcome To The September 2020 Issue Of Story Quilt!


There are so many turbulent things going on around us these days that it seems a little difficult to simply ignore them and go on with our lives.

But pleasant memories of the past may be a way to stay afloat and weather the storm (s). Stories about the way it was when we were young, stories about when we pushed ahead with our careers, stories about birthing and rearing children, stories about travelling, stories about discovering interesting ancestors, stories about competing in sports, stories about big moves to a new country... all help to sooth the soul during these difficult times. Reading them and even more, writing them may help to calm worries about what might come up in the future.

Both STORY-QUILT and CANADIAN STORIES are here for you to enjoy.



Ed Janzen


P.S. The Canadian Stories Magazine 2020 Contest is closed now. We'll let you know about the Winners when it's available.



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Just Launched! The September 2020 edition of Story Quilt