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I did it.

Yes sir.

First time.

And it worked.

I ordered something from Amazon. Yes. I did it. Glory be.

Of course first you have to establish an account. Fill in other stuff like your E-Mail address and Credit Card number. I ‘m always reluctant to do the latter on-line but if this is the way of the world, then this is the way of the world. These transactions even generated a human voice.

Select the product. A sale for Christmas was offered exactly what our grandson wished for. Fast delivery of three days was part of the reward for signing up. And it indeed arrived three days later by Canada Post special. The credit card bill will be paid in due time.

This reminds me of days 75 years ago. The special Christmas Eaton’s catalogue arrived well in advance of December 24, chock full of every good thing one could wish for suitable for every person in the family. First each person made his or her personal list of wishes and let it age. With time one realized the list was too long and it got pared down to one or two things. The mother of the house then filled out an order form much like Amazon’s and sent it away through the Canadian Postal Service. Payment could be included or paid when the goods arrived. Just like the billing from the credit card. And the gifts always arrived. Returns were also allowed if the size did not fit.

Other than that we did not have a telephone, we did not have a computer with internet connection and no credit card, the basic business was the same then and today.



Ed Janzen





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