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About 40 years ago our son, CJ became enamored with professional baseball and it's statistics. Baseball cards with the accompanying chewing gum slabs consumed most of his allowance as he gained knowledge of the obscure historical details of the game. On one of our trips east to New Hampshire we did stop in at Cooperstown, New York, the Mecca of the Baseball Hall of Fame and saw the famous movie called: “Who's on First” by Abbott & Costello in the basement of the old building.

Today, June 26, 2018, little CJ, Curtis Janzen, our grandson now 10 years old, performed this little ritual at his school's talent show in Kitchener, Ontario : “Who's On First” along with his buddy Channing. This is the result of regular visits to Opa and Oma in Guelph, Ontario on a weekly basis where the two sleep downstairs in the family room equipped with an old 12 inch JVC 4-Head VCR Combo television set. Senior CJ is an avid collector of old movies and records. “Who's on First” has been played regularly before sleep shuts them down.

Life's wonders never cease.


Ed Janzen


Curtis's Talent Show (Curtis is the taller kid on the left with long blonde hair)



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