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Today is October 31, the last day of the month of October, Halloween night. The neighbourhood is decked out for this special day and we have a friendly harvest girl pinned to our front door. Generous supplies have been purchased because we know from experience we will have about 100 kids stop by for a treat. With a limit of two pieces per visitor the amount of 280 sweets are ready (some extra for the vendor!). On the corner the owner has an elaborate graveyard with tombstones scattered here and there dedicated to past pets he has known including the skeleton of a small horse breaking through the fence! His sign invites kids who with parents might want to get photographed to commemorate the occasion. All in friendly fun.

Over here on our side of the street we have had such good weather that deck furniture is still out. November is looming so we had better get cracking. But those of us into the old car hobby also need to find storage for our dear metal companions. Winter will not wait. It's time. South Central Ontario has been kind to us this year. We feel sorry for friends and relatives out west enduring early snow and wind.

But hey. The Washington Nationals won their baseball game last night. By midnight it was all over for the Houston Astros. It seemed their team was the better of the two but wonders never cease. That's baseball for you.


Ed Janzen



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