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Welcome To The March 2020 Issue Of Story Quilt!


This is the time of year we are totally preoccupied with advertising our Contest-2020 for the parent magazine, CANADIAN STORIES. This itself is an interesting process.     

Where is it best to send announcements to be posted on bulletin boards? We have created a list of all book stores in Canada and they do accept our announcements upon receiving them. Canadian libraries would of course be the next place to consider but some libraries in a certain province do not accept contest announcements since the claim is that we solicit a payment for entering. This is deemed as bad as junk mail by some head librarians. Nevertheless we have created a list of libraries from other provinces and they will receive the contest announcement.

Please take a look for us and see if such announcements appear in your favourite library. As to book stores we are sorry to see that many close out every year since book selling has declined in recent years.

Please have a look for the contest announcement in your favourite book store or library and let us know. And take a chance yourself. Maybe you'll win. We'd love to see your creative art and words of wisdom.



Ed Janzen


P.S. More about the 2020 Canadian Stories Contest Announcement here.



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