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Welcome To The March 2019 Issue Of Story Quilt!


This time I want to refer to a couple of my stories already published in Story Quilt:

The Bench


The Janzen Roots.

If you will allow me to do so.


I received a note in German from someone called Janzen.

This person had read these two submissions or had someone read them and translate them.

She / he said that a great uncle's niece was still alive at 99 years of age.

Mentally bright but completely deaf.

It was signed Janzen.

I could easily reply to the note since I learned German in grade school.

There has been no further communication.

I know some Mennonites who survived the Russian gulaks and were invited back to Germany if they could establish a prior birth and citizenship in Germany.

I visited a couple where he was a second cousin to my Dad.

Perhaps Mr. or Ms. Janzen lives in Germany.

This is a beautiful example of why we have Story Quilt.

Anyone in the world with access to the "electronic cloud" can read what we have to say.


This is encouragement for us all.

So tell your story.

You never know where it will land and be appreciated.



Ed Janzen





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