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Christmas brings gifts to our house. It's traditional.

One gift was a book called The Story Of Tools, from our daughter.

I'm well started as we speak. It's about hand tools, even some hand tools made by the user. Not power tools.

There is something spiritual between certain tools and their users. If the tool does exactly what the user wants it do again and again the tool and the user bond in a special way. I can see that although I'm certainly not in that league myself. I do have hand tools but none I've made myself.

I'm captivated by the TV series call Forged in Fire. How these smiths can make a weapon from a modest piece of steel and a few simple tools always amazes me. And in addition they point to the fact that wicked knives and swords were already made centuries ago! How was this possible?

In another TV series called Mythbusters the main character fashions a sword from a piece of meteorite. Now I had the answer.



Ed Janzen



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