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Welcome To The May 2019 Issue Of Story Quilt!


The calendar has just turned from March through April to May.

Where in Canada is it possible not to think about the weather? Across the country from sea to sea to sea, floods, winds, ice and snow, mark the news. We all get a generous taste of weather inside this vast expanse of land. But hope springs eternal. The weather will get better as our parents used to say.

However there are the soothsayers who predict otherwise. The planet earth is experiencing a slight increase in temperature as we speak. Dire consequences are predicted by some. But it has happened before and mankind has survived. It is happening again and mankind will survive.

So also it can be said about politics. Humans must live together. We give the responsibility to live together peacefully to politicians. If we don't like it today we can only hope it will get better tomorrow.



Ed Janzen





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