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Welcome To The March 2018 Issue Of Story Quilt!


Twenty years of Canadian Stories Magazine

Today we are preparing the 120th issue of CANADIAN STORIES for publication. Glory Be. Twenty years of publishing Canadian poetry and stories written by Canadians.

Through this experience came the creation of STORY QUILT. Thank you for accepting such a rash endeavour by submitting new poems and essays and stories with a Canadian flavour.

Back home we are presently preoccupied with announcing and advertising another Contest worth over $3000 for CANADIAN STORIES. Note a new advertisement here for this contest.

I remember thinking about the idea to start a new magazine back 20 years ago. The first pages were photocopied and mailed to a few friends and family members, raw and unedited. The problem worry was, I had just retired but never learned to type. In my job we always had secretaries who did all the typing even into the 1990s. I consulted with one of my students now employed by the department: “Uwe, I'm thinking about starting a new magazine called CANADIAN STORIES. But I cannot type. Do I have to go back to High School and take a typing course?” He showed me his typing on the first computer key-board in the department. “Naw,” he said. “Look at me. I never learned. I'm a self-taught 2-finger typist and I can type as fast as the secretaries!” This reply convinced me that I could also teach myself to 2-finger type. And so it was. In addition to managing CANADIAN STORIES I have also typed three books and am working on three more as we speak. Uwe also taught Susan, my wife, and myself how to work a computer and printer, but in addition chided us for using paper. Eventually we conceded and with the help of Nardo Kuitert and his wife, Louisa, we ventured into publishing electronically. Story Quilt was created by Nardo and Louisa and watched by a handful of interested writers acting as judges. I'm always amazed that it works!

So, if you have an interest in becoming a writer take heart. Start with CANADIAN STORIES. We have published many first time writers. Then if you're still going and would like to expand your audience try STORY QUILT. The judging is a little tougher but the audience is much larger.


Ed Janzen



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