Worry! It’s Like A Bad Dog!

Worry! It's Like A Bad Dog!
Help Get Rid of Your Worries, By Planning!

Help Get Rid of Your Worries, By Planning!

I know! You spend hours, just thinking. You have a whole lot of really nice things, and a few kind of "Hurty" things - worries! You must find a solution.

Try this: You spend hours - just thinking. Now, each of your happy things are "Happy Dogs"! Pretend you have a big sheet of paper. In your thinking, put down all your good things. These are your "Happy Dogs"! Look at your family, friends, home possessions - all of your 'Happy Dogs'. Some of your Happy Dogs are quite big, and you really like them. Likely some of your Happy Dogs are your friends and your family. Look after them! They are your best friends! If they are in trouble, help them.

But down in the lower right hand corner is a black box! It's not very big. This is where your 'Worry Dogs' live. There are not very many of them - maybe two! If you have more than two 'Worry Dogs', maybe they are not really yours, so you don't have to feed them and look after them! If some of your Worry Dogs are from the Middle East, or from the World Finance Situation, or worse yet from the American Election Campaign - throw them out. They are just a couple or so of mangy strays, that someone dropped off at your back gate! Out with them! Send them to the SPCA, or somewhere!

Worry Dogs are a hazard. They are not friends of yours! Worry Dogs are not friends anyway. Nobody sees them much. But they are not pretty dogs! They are whiny, and they are kind of brown and quite 'scurfy' looking. You don't like them. Sometimes one or two of these Worry Dogs, are not actually real worries. It is as though they are just outlines, drawn in black crayon, like maybe's. Send them away. They are not real! Don't let them out!

Very often you let your Happy Dogs out for a run. They like that. They enjoy themselves, and run on the grass on a sunny day! They have their own colors. They are happy colors, like yellow and orange. It is important that you pet you Happy Dogs every day! Look after them. They are your friends! Pretty 'Happy Dogs'.

Now! Once in a while you must take one of your 'Worry Dogs' out. Don't let him loose! Keep him on a wire leash. Now, take the biggest and strongest of your Happy Dogs along. Go along the fence in a quiet, unpleasant area. Let you Happy Dog, and that Worry Dog fight! Your Happy Dog will beat up that Worry Dog every time! Now, since the fight, that Worry Dog is not looking so smart and threatening, is he? Let him loose, and drive him away!

Take your Happy Dog and go home. If that Worry Dog comes, don't let him in! Feed your Happy Dogs. And when that little old scruffy Worry Dog comes scratching at the door - just ignore him. If your Happy Dogs are really happy, that Worry Dog will soon go away.

Remember this: Look after your Happy Dogs. Feed them well. Ninety percent of Worry Dogs are not real anyway! "Woof Woof!"


Worry! It's Like A Bad Dog!

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