What Do You Want To Do?

For many years I had this yearning to act, on stage, on TV, in a film. Yeah right, you might say. I never thought I would have the time or the courage to make it happen. Now, more than half way through my earthly existence, I made up my mind. I looked in the mirror. Oh well, not too bad, could be worse. Now or never, or it would really be too late.

When I announced this wayward ambition to my husband, I heard his incredulous cry, ”What do you want to do?” I didn’t blame him. He probably figured I would purchase a ticket to Hollywood the next day and disappear out of his life. Well, men are like that sometimes. Instead I took the first step and got myself an agent. Not knowing whom to choose, I met the first one I found in an agents’ register. The interview went well. She suggested I take some courses to understand the business of – well – show business.

Of course, pictures had to be made called headshots. With a name like that it can be misleading. After a two-hour session of posing, smiling, looking serious and paying a hefty sum to the photographer and developing the artwork, I was on my way. At least another step forward.

There were more sides to this acting business than anyone could have guessed. For instance auditioning: How not to be so nervous in front of the camera that you forget your own name. The casting director would ask, ”Please, slate.” Slate? Good thing all these words were taught in workshops. It only meant your name and name of your agent. Then there was the difference between an audition for a commercial and a film. For a commercial one can be funny, a wee bit over the top, like climbing ladders or dancing around without music. For a film one needs to be self-contained and subtle; less is better. It all has to do with the cameras that show every freckle, wrinkle and expression on your face. Of course the actions are up to the casting director. If you are lucky to get a call-back (yippee!), a whole bunch of other instructions from the director can be expected. But, oh, it was fun.

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What Do You Want To Do

I was born in Germany, immigrated to Canada in 1954 and married, three children (girl, boy, girl). Played piano for ballet studios, taught as well, three granddaughters. Have been writing forever: short stories, poems and my book # 6 just got accepted. My acting came as a bit of fun.
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