Variations on the Word Dog

Variations on The Word Dog

Dog is a word we use to hold

Love in our hearts,

Or maybe play with to make

God -

As owners may feel in adoration.

Or maybe Beware of Dog

Is a warning on homes, gates, doors

To those who fear bites or scratches to

Sun kissed skin.


When a pup

Dog is doggie all over us wiggling, licking, cuddling

To hold near our hearts.

Dog said harshly can be from frustration

From Dog peeing inside not out.


Then Dog oh Dog is joy

With easy walks on lead, obedient -

“Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”

Treats taken without a snap.

Owners pride glows on walks through

Neighbourhoods familiar with Dog -

Greetings warm, gentle pats, and treats

Unless bold sign says

“No Dogs”!

So sad to see,

They miss the


Dog of wagging greetings,  happy barking,

The fun of years

Of off lead walks through long grass

And sandy beaches


The sign of Dog in wet sand prints

A perfect signature - Dog was here!


Then Dog said sadly is slower,

Soft whimpers, sighs, trembling,

It seems so sudden.

Dog is stiffness, quiet, tail slowly wagging -

Needs help on stairs and into car.

Long sleeps, short walks

Dog Oh Dog, where soon

There will be an emptiness.


No word for missing

But now there is just warm love for old Dog

Of mine.


Variations on the Word Dog

Tired in her professional life of writing bulleted reports and briefing notes Maryan is enjoying the fun and spaciousness of creative writing. The goal is family tales artfully told and Maryan is going for it!
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