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Beside the daily chatter
Along the quiet paths
I wander open hearted
For peace to come at last

Once silent and forbearing
I watched and learned my way
This way of life took over
And buried was the blaze

Now kindled, gently stirring
Small pieces of my mind
Circle in a whirling wind
Unsure of what they’ll find

Days of mime are over
I follow from a dream
Imagination in control
And faith my loyal friend 

But still I’m lost before you
I don’t know what I feel
My hands go through the motions
My thoughts sift through the maze

Walking through new cover
Thick cedars light my way
The earthy scent hangs heavy
And takes my breath away

It’s yours my darling forest
My breath a dying fog
Into my lungs, I bring you
And share your pulsing heart


Dark forest

I am a writer and artist living in Port Moody, British Columbia. My poetry (and visual art) is inspired by my connection to the natural beauty of the West Coast landscape that surrounds me. I have recently completed writing my first children’s chapter book, ‘The BIG Adventures of Little O - A song for the salmon’. It’s the story of a young orca who becomes separated from his pod and is forced into a quest for survival. He must find the missing salmon and reunite with his pod. In doing so, he will find the truth about the natural world and his place in it.
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