Trans-Canada Dream

This was to be the tenth and last day of our epic journey. I hooked up to our designated trailer and we were off to Tsawwassen Bay Ferry Terminal to catch the next boat over to Vancouver Island. It was a beautiful sunny morning with a big blue sky. It would be a beautiful day on the island.

We had two deliveries in Victoria, located close to one another in an industrial area 15 minutes from Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal where we docked. At the second delivery location, we were able to drop the trailer, since this delivery would take 2-3 hours.

After a quick workout at the local rec centre, we headed down to Ogden Point on the south side of Victoria where big cruise liners dock. Keeping the windows down to let the fresh ocean air in, we cruised downtown Victoria in our shiny, clean, black J&R Hall truck.

Later that afternoon, we arrived at Beacon’s Hill, Mile 0 of the TransCanada Highway! Our cross Canada trip was completed in 10 days with a total of 10,004 km. We passed through 8 provinces, crossed 6 time zones, delivered freight to 14 customers, pulled 5 different trailers, picked up freight at 3 different locations, fueled 6 times, spent 10 hours on ferries, stopped for 7 naps totalling 32 hours of motionless sleep, sweated and grunted through 6 workouts of 45 minutes each – how’s that for Canuck team style trailer trucking?! It’s the stuff dreams are made of, right?!

We had just enough time for some fish and chips at Barb’s Famous Floating Fish n Chip Shop in Victoria harbor before heading back to grab our trailer and catching the next ferry back to Delta. Waiting there would be another loaded trailer waiting for us to take back to Ayr, On via Seattle and Detroit (money, money). Hammer down and eastbound!

So that is the tale of our trip across Canada, trucking style. Thankfully, the British magazine, TRUCK, liked my wife’s story so much they did publish it. That was her version of the story - this is mine!


Trans-Canada Dream

Helga Lempriere is a southern Alberta girl, wife to Terry and mother to Rachel, Cailyn and Chelsey. She enjoys writing and has had a few articles published in the past. Future writing plans include starting a blog to share entertaining trucking stories from Terry’s 20-year career.
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