The Way of The Valley

They came from yonder way

Celtic as sure as sin

With them they brought customs

But wanted to desperately start anew

I'm reckoning

Cleared lands


Drank...swore...and worked

Had gatherings with kin

Life was tough

Perseverance strong

Had their Faith

Helped them on

Sayings and poetry

As well as songs

Made up to capture the moments

Find them in the history

Where they belong

Ancestors and descendants

Come and went

Traditions sort of linger

Ye kent

Colourful and lively

At times tragic and such

But it's what transpired in those pioneering times

Said as much

Take an interest

Learn today

Of how it all began

Gidday EH...Up Ottawa Valley Way ?!"


The Way of The Valley

I was born and raised in the former city of NEPEAN ( now OTTAWA ). I enjoy being creative minded....hence love writing poetry...spiritual-inspirational-quirky-whatever comes to mind. I love to draw, playing tambourine and singing in my church music group on Sundays , and church related stuff. I work with the elderly and enjoy that. And to laugh & smile lots. Listening to great music ! I 'm planning to publish a book of poetry in the future.
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