The Janzen Roots


Now that the farming activities were under control and the inner house expertly managed, Nicholia allowed his restlessness to surface. He didn’t really know why, but he often felt like getting away. Notwithstanding the need Helena had for him, Nicholai began to plan on taking a few trips. Almost any excuse would do. Perhaps he could expand his old hobby and look for new horses. A German breed was attracting a lot of attention from other owners of fine horses. Perhaps he could see what was available in Germany?

But Germany was too far away. He wanted to make the trip with his own horses. Even Koenigsberg would be too much by horse and wagon. Odessa was closer and appeared to be a thriving seaport on the Black Sea. He heard that trading was quite vigorous in this city. Others said it was also quite worthwhile going to Kherson situated on the mouth of the Dnieper River or even Melitopol near the mouth of the Molotchna. With horse trading on his mind Nicholai planned on Kherson as the place to go.

Ed Janzen is the editor and publisher of CANADIAN STORIES, a literary folk magazine that publishes short stories and poems from Canadian writers of every province of Canada. Story Quilt is an electronic magazine similar in content. Ed has written four memoirs. He also writes for the old car hobby and has a column in OLD AUTOS - a biweekly newspaper featuring mostly Canadians events and automotive history.
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