The Forgotten

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When the confinement is over, and the last soul from the funny farm is let out…
Many will claim to have seen “angels”.

When the prisons are emptied and the violent roam the streets for fresh victims…
Many will tell a story of protectors coming out of nowhere to guard them and eliminate the threats.

There will be random, varied and unexplained occurrences of “strangers” visiting the dying, the desperate, the starving and the feeble.

God’s messengers appearing clothed in common, benign humanity, bearing divine and frighteningly strange powers…
They will deliver precious hope to the bereft and to the “forgotten”.

There will be miraculous and mysterious creatures traveling to and fro…
They will be untouched by disease, fearless in the face of cruel authoritarianism, and those who would dare ‘fill in the gaps’ with their depraved and despicable purposes.

They shall see angels.


By Wendy Welk


Angel statue

Wendy Welk was born in Alberta, Canada and spent her formative years stargazing and joyfully playing in the snow. Wendy's poems have appeared in newspapers and magazines. She lives with her son and is still a fan of snow!
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