Skating on the Frozen Lake

I fly like a bird across the ice.

I twirl and I spin in figures light.

I slip and I slide so fancy free

Deep into the still dark night.

I rush cross the clear and frozen lake

The crisp clean air around me sings.

On and on I stroke and stride

My feet are fixed with wings.

I remember this like yesterday

I remember that time when I was young.

I remember pleasures and joys and fun.

It was the song of youth, long sung

That lake was buried quick and deep

Beneath a snow bank cold an wide.

My memories of the place were lost

I buried them inside.

Many years have come and gone

And problems took their toll

Today a crack appeared

A crack in my forgotten soul


And those memories slipped outside.


Skating on the Frozen Lake

Shirley Hamilton started writing to fill some of the retirement hours and to record life memories. She hopes that someone will read about these bits of her life sometime – maybe even her kids.
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