Rocky The Extraterrestrial Cat


A sound resembling the explosion of a gigantic firecracker filled the air. Frightened out of his wits, Rocky jumped up suddenly from his seated position on the front lawn belonging to the house and ran towards the sound.

Looking out the front window of their home on the central mountain of Hamilton, Ontario, Joel and Ellen Anderson saw Rocky run away. Panicked, Ellen asked Joel, “Why on earth did he run away instead of coming in the house?” Joel had no answer. They sat up all night together waiting for Rocky to come home. either by himself or in the arms of a neighbour, but Rocky never arrived.

Joel and Ellen always regretted not being able to have children of their own, so they raised domestic animals as pets instead. During evenings and on any weekend Joel could be seen walking their twin bull terriers on a leash through the streets of their neighbourhood.

The morning after Rocky disappeared, Joel and Ellen joined an animal rescue group which they found on the internet. Aided by this group, they drew up a poster showing a description and picture of Rocky and offering a financial reward for Rocky’s safe return. Ellen and her friend Diane plastered this poster on all neighbourhood mailboxes, telephone poles, and lampposts.

While  putting up posters, Ellen and Diane met a young neighbouring couple, Glen and Debbie, who habitually took walks around the neighbourhood. Ellen offered this couple a poster along with an explanation of what she was doing. “You two have seen my husband walking our bull terriers”, Ellen said. “We found Rocky, our new orange and brown tabby cat, apparently abandoned on our front porch. He gets along famously with all the neighbourhood cats and dogs. All of our pets are like our children. We feed Rocky gourmet cat food and put perfumed cat litter in his litter box. I play ball with him on our lawn. He runs freely in our house and plays in the street. He was perfectly happy with us, or so we thought, until last night when he heard the sound of firecrackers for Labour Day and just plain took off.”

Now, why would a perfectly happy domestic cat not go home when he was scared? Because unknown to Joel and Ellen, Rocky was no ordinary cat. Rocky was an alien cat, with human intelligence and attributes, from the planet Xenia.

Xenia was a planet occupied by intelligent cats out in a galaxy many light years away from earth. Cats on Xenia owned the planet just as humans owned earth. They all fell mostly into three categories consisting of cats resembling tigers, leopards, and cougars. There, were, however, also other types of cats of the smaller varieties that resembled the domestic cats on earth. Their planet was a maze of forests, jungles, and wild fields as well as what would on earth be called cities, towns, and villages entirely populated by these remarkable animals.

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Rocky The Extraterrestrial Cat

Deborah Eker has a degree in library science and is an avid reader. She has also worked as a newspaper reporter and has had numerous articles published. She has had poems and stories published in Canadian Stories and in a variety of other magazines and anthologies.
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