Rendezvous at the Scarborough Bluffs

“You ungrateful bitch”, Robert shouted. “I make a mistake, apologize, and you still don’t trust me. I keep you in luxury and you have the nerve to judge me. I can have any woman I want, any time I want. If you want to really know, Erica and I have been involved for the past year and she has not been the first one. I don’t need a princess like you who spends her time catering to a bunch of bored housewives with some moron level TV program.”
“You bastard”, Denise fired back, “I don’t have a juvenile TV program. My morning show is broadcast nationally and isn’t only viewed by housewives. My name is known across Canada. As I recall, you were very proud of me when we married five years ago.”

“I lied. You looked good on my arm,” Robert answered haughtily. “I was considered a lucky guy to be married to a famous TV anchor.”

“So our marriage was just a lie! So I mean nothing to you! I wish we had never met. I can’t stand the sight of you.” said Denise.

Robert, boiling with rage, shoved her to the ground. Getting up on her feet Denise, equally furious, kicked him in the shins. Robert’s rage was equally matched by Denise’s fury. Two people in the heat of emotion were capable of almost anything, of committing almost any act, even an unspeakable act.

Robert made his choice. Blind with irrational thoughts and rage, he grabbed Denise and tried to push her off the Bluffs. But Denise saw his move coming and she cleverly jumped aside, out of his reach. She grabbed Robert’s arm and using the skills she had learned in self-defence courses, threw him over the Bluffs. Robert met an end befitting a potential murderer. He fell over the Bluffs into Lake Ontario, to drown and be swept away in the churning water. The ending Robert had intended for Denise became his own fate.

Denise was immediately shocked by what she had done. She would never forget the horror of this evening and the choice she had made. She could have thrown him to the ground, not over the Bluffs. She had mixed emotions. One of relief that he was gone and that she would be free of him, another that she wanted to be with him providing that he changed, which of course he had not.

By now, the thunderstorm had started with an angry cloudburst. Looking around the grass and the sand of the Bluffs, Denise saw that she was alone. When Robert’s body would be found in the lake, would she be a suspect? She did not recall anyone else walking around when they were fighting. If anybody had been around, all she had to say was that he lunged at her, she had moved away, and he had fallen in the lake. A simple answer. But was it?

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Deborah Eker has a degree in library science and is an avid reader. She has also worked as a newspaper reporter and has had numerous articles published. She has had poems and stories published in Canadian Stories and in a variety of other magazines and anthologies.
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