Please Don’t Cry

Review of Please Don't Cry:

With the #metoo and #timesup campaigns, this is a timely memoir of a woman's struggle to overcome childhood abuse only to encounter it again in marriage. Starting in a post-WWII orphanage, we follow the writer's difficult childhood as she deals with sexual molestation and finds out the truth about how she became an orphan. Moving to Canada, she finds some independence before repeating the cycle of abuse in her marriage. This is a heartfelt, personal story of a woman who manages to overcome great odds to find happiness and fulfillment in her life free of abusive relationships.

Amanda C.,
January 9, 2018
4 star rating


Cover of Please Don't CryABOUT THE BOOK:

​It’s shortly after World War II in Eastern Europe when a tormented young woman steps up to the door of a speeding train…and prepares to throw her baby outside. What happens next will forever alter the lives of the young woman, the horrified teacher who steps up to stop her…and the three-month old baby born into such dark circumstances.

And so begins the life of Yugoslavian Ramona, whose childhood will be terribly marred by the weaknesses of those entrusted with her care. Buffeted from place to place with the violent secrets of how she came to be slowly revealed to her, Ramona eventually decides to leave the horrors of her childhood behind for a new start in Canada.

There she begins to find her way and learn to love…
until fresh tragedy sends her life off course and she finds herself trapped in an abusive marriage as miserable as her childhood.

But Ramona has endured so much; she has vast reservoirs of strength within her. Now with two children of her own to protect, she slowly begins to extricate herself from the horror of her marriage to build a new life, free of abuse at last.


Maria Herkal

Born in communist Eastern Europe shortly after the war, Maria Herkal immigrated to Canada as a teenager. Many of the events and circumstances of her life parallel the experiences of her protagonist, Ramona.

She hopes that her book may serve as an inspiration to other abused women to understand that escape is possible.

​Her message to these women is: Just get help and live.

Maria now lives free from abuse in Burlington, Ontario. Her beloved daughters and grandchildren are not far away.

You can contact Maria through her website.



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It's been a long time since I read a book that I just couldn't put down.
This book is interesting and intriguing, shows so much strength and courage!
A woman indeed to admire.
A must read!!!

January 8, 2018
5 star rating


A must read.
So well written. Heart-felt and honest. The courage it must have taken to write this book and share this story will hopefully inspire others to rise above in their own difficult situations.

January 12, 2018
5 star rating



You can contact Maria through her website.


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