Permanent Waves

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“Aw, Allice, it’s lovely
just the way ‘tis,” Gram coached.

But young Allice brushed,
tugged and pulled her curls
until her scalp complained,
and still waves and ringlets
cascaded ‘round her head.

Teenage Allice sighed
as long, straight-haired gals
swished by, swinging their perfect
strands over their shoulders.

So Allice wet, even steamed
her unmanageable mane;
once even stretched those kinks out,
flattening them with the family iron.

Allice braided and wove those springs and
tied ’em in knots, added elastics to plaits,
wound sections here and there.
She tried hair pins and metal clips,
stretchy head bands, even bandanas!

But still those luscious locks
framed her frustrated face
as friends and family praised
her unique crowning glory.


Permanent Waves

A prize winning poet, freelance editor and workshop leader, Bernice Lever lives on Bowen Island, BC. Her 10th poetry book is “Red Letter Day", Black Moss Press, 2014, and edited WAVES - 1972-1987. A retired English professor who belongs to LCP, CAA, TOPS, etc., she created a writing & grammar text and has performed in many countries.
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