” Peace and Poppies Honoured “

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They fought with vigour and valour
Died with blood and pride
Never to see loved ones
For which families mourned and cried
Courage and determination
With times of anger and frustration
Took chances
Sometimes compromised
Security trench glances
Front lines and waiting
The anticipating
Fires of fury warm bullets shot
Expected while some were not
Spirits of the fallen released
From their human tomb
Angels keep
Silence and grim
November we honour
Of that 11th day
Of the 11th hour
Prayers and Acknowledgement
We devour
Memories and tears flow
Across the world
Row upon Row
Reciting the famous poem
We all know so
Where Evil and Good wandered
Peace and Poppies Honoured…


Peace and Poppies Honoured

I was born and raised in the former city of NEPEAN ( now OTTAWA ). I enjoy being creative minded....hence love writing poetry...spiritual-inspirational-quirky-whatever comes to mind. I love to draw, playing tambourine and singing in my church music group on Sundays , and church related stuff. I work with the elderly and enjoy that. And to laugh & smile lots. Listening to great music ! I 'm planning to publish a book of poetry in the future.
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