Overseas Refugees

So a unique plan was developed by the New Residents Committee. The enthusiastic inhabitants of Roshmere, being good Canadians, donated money to a Residents' Housing Fund, to help get the newcomers housed and working and the kids in school. The seniors who were planning to vacate their homes each had a bit of money, so they were eager to work with the committee, and lowered their prices a bit, to facilitate Refugees' Housing needs. Besides, it would have been hard to sell their little older houses on the local Real Estate market.

So,it looked as though the little town of Roshmere could manage to receive, house and employ the new citizens. But this was not all there was to it! The committee was reorganized, with some new members to replace those who found it necessary to leave the committee. They evolved a new 'Mission Statement' to help meet needs and deal with certain requirements - for special treatment for kids' needs and parents' problems. Some of the more able and helpful of the new people were also made committee members. The new committee was enthusiastically supported by the refugees.

But there was an unexpected bonus to all this too! The refugees themselves did their very best to fit in and 'measure up' in their new country. Within their own group they had a few men, and ladies too, who organized and assisted in the community. Some of the children were musical and loved to sing. A couple of skilled ladies got groups of students together, and they put on programs with music and amateur drama. These programs were presented to local audiences, and the money they made was used to support the group,and help with needs that arose. In regard to employment, the fruit orchard owners valued their new employees, and others found work in the town's various maintenance programs. A local service club sponsored a Community Night once a month. They offered refreshments, a light-hearted community-sponsored program, and entertainment for all adults and children. A huge turnout of residents came, and in this way the newcomers were further welcomed into the community.

In the schools, the new students fit in well, as the school already had a few students who were learning English, so all worked together very well! The school board added some new community programs to acquaint all the students with the district.

The true dedication of each of the committee members, in helping all the aspects of the project, certainly guaranteed its success. The whole project turned out to be a great benefit to the small town of Roshmere. So our little town of Roshmere 'grew' in its own eyes, as well as in the eyes of the rest of Canada.


Overseas Refugees, In British Columbia

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