Our Little Mouse

One night by surprise
a little mouse came by
and boldly moved into our R.V.

He had a cute wee snout
and only poked it out
when no one was around to see.

But, I caught him more than once
running through our house
looking for a morsel to eat.

I just couldn’t resist
and fed him cheese twists
ignoring people’s warning, indeed.

So, now we have a little mouse
who made his little house
right in the middle of my tissue box.

He’s not doing any harm
sometimes sleeps in my arms
and on colder nights, in my wool socks.


Our Little Mouse

Dianne J Ferris is author of The Purple Doll, co-author of Fibs & Memories; Ten Short Stories, author of Adventures at Loch Arran Resort and a poetry e-book, Linked by Love. She is currently working on her next historical fiction, Letitia Bryce. Dianne has three adult children and eight grandchildren.
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