Old Soul

I couldn’t sleep for fear of losing you
To awaken the day and see the nightmare speaking true
Your life once full, diminished by day
For the security of your health, I would plead, beg, and pray

Even as the life was drained from your face
Your heart kept beating and you kept your happy grace
But I could see your pain spread through your eyes
I couldn’t heal you no matter how hard I tried

But if to lose the pain I must remove you from me
Then I can’t hold back the life that needs to be set free
As I held you tight in the sky you flew
The warmth in my heart will always shine through

You will keep my heart complete and whole
Your body may be lost but I will cherish your soul
Because you chose us to be your home
So, may you remain happy with your freedom to roam

In the memories, you will never be lost
Never frozen, faded or glossed
You will forever be loved by the lives you graced
Because with us you will always be interlaced


Old Soul

I am currently studying environmental science/studies at Trent University in Peterborough. I typically write poems on whatever I find inspiring at that moment, the ideas just come to me.
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