My Wish For You

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My Wish For You
by Fay Herridge

I wish you sunshine every day,
And cloudless skies of blue;
I wish you luck and much success;
I wish the best for you.

I wish you joy and happiness,
And smiles instead of frowns;
I wish you loyal, honest friends
Who never let you down.

I wish you rainbows after rain
To drive dark clouds away;
I wish for quiet peace of mind
To follow you each day.

I wish you moonlit summer nights,
And dreams that you can share;
I wish you midnight fantasies
With one for whom you care.

I wish you love that’s everything
That you want it to be;
Someone you can depend upon
For all eternity.


My Wish For You

Now retired, after 39 years as a Librarian, Fay Herridge is a voracious reader, avid family historian, and a love of writing. She also enjoys walking, gardening, knitting, crocheting and photography; and is active in church and community events. Her poems and stories have been published in newspapers and magazines. “Satisfaction comes when others enjoy my work while inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.”
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