My Brothers And I


The old couple and the two young girls made their way up the path and over the new bridge to the field on the other side of the stream.

“Grandma, come see what we found, right there by the pile of old boards under that big fir tree,” said Rachel. “Kaity said it used to be a fort, that can’t be right?”

“Are they people skulls?

“Did someone die here?” said Rachel.

“Are there ghosts here too?

“Now I’m really scared!”

“Good grief Kaity, got hold of yourself, you too Rachel. Quit dancing around like a pair of giddy grasshoppers. Let me take a good look at this,” grandma scolded good naturedly.

“What do you think, dear?

“What’s wrong? Do I see a tear in your eye? Surely you’re not upset about some dirty old sheep skulls?”

“Listen Elsa, sit down girls, I want to tell you a story,” said grandpa George. “When I was a young lad and lived in that old farm house across the field, my brothers and I built a fort…

The end

My Brothers And I


After retiring, my husband and I travelled extensively. Many of the sights we saw and people we met turn up in my stories. I’ve been published in Gardens West, a Vancouver based garden magazine and the RV Times, a Travel Magazine. I was asked to research and write a history of one of the oldest churches on the Fraser River for their 100 Year Anniversary. My stories are about unusual events or happenings. I enjoy writing a story that’s almost believable.
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