My Brothers And I


The two little girls ran through the abandoned field down the path towards their grandparents house hardly looking where they were going, their legs frantically pumping up and down.

“Rachel, did you see them too?” gasped Kaity as she struggled to keep up to her older cousin.

“They were skulls, people skulls, surer ‘n heck! I’m not going back there again!”

“We have to, we left our back packs there. Grandma will have a fit if we say we lost ‘em, and besides, if I don’t do my math homework I’ll get in trouble at school.”

“Well, you do whatever, but I’m not going back there without a gun.”

“Don’t be silly, they’re dead now, you don’t need a gun!”

“Maybe so, but I’d feel better.”

The girls came skidding to a stop in front of the old couple having a cup of tea on the front porch.

“Grandpa, Grandma come quick, see what we found, bring a gun!”

* * * *

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My Brothers And I

After retiring, my husband and I travelled extensively. Many of the sights we saw and people we met turn up in my stories. I’ve been published in Gardens West, a Vancouver based garden magazine and the RV Times, a Travel Magazine. I was asked to research and write a history of one of the oldest churches on the Fraser River for their 100 Year Anniversary. My stories are about unusual events or happenings. I enjoy writing a story that’s almost believable.
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