Love, Romance, and the Superhero


Derek began reading his poem with a loud and clear voice, carefully enunciating every word:

Dark Justice

He is at his best in the night,
wearing a black cape and cowl,
patrolling the bleak, deserted streets,
in his long, sleek, black car.

He searches for those,
who have nefarious thoughts,
who seek to do criminal deeds,
and cause harm to innocents,
in the blackness of the decaying city.

He catches them in their criminal acts,
puts a stop to their evil ways,
and makes the city safer.

He is Batman, the Saviour of Gotham City.

After Derek completed his reading and the applause finished, Emily immediately said, “Loved it. The poem conveys a true sense of the grimness of a city on edge and how something or someone else is needed to fix it.”

A break came midway through the meeting. Emily and Derek immediately gravitated towards each other. Without speaking ,but looking intently at each other,they took their belongings, exited the library and walked towards a nearby coffee shop. They knew immediately that there were common bonds between them: poetry, superheroes, plus a mutual attraction that was beyond definition.

After the workshop ended, Emily and Derek returned to the coffee shop. There they sat at a table, ordering two Super Green Smoothies. Emily told Derek that she was taking English, wanted to be a writer, went to all writing workshops available. She said she was a great fan of historical fiction and superheroes, and read historical fiction and graphic novels extensively.

“I want to be a recognized writer and write my own historical fiction novel someday. I would also like to write my own graphic novel, but I cannot draw,” Emily said.

Derek told Emily about his education at university to be a graphic designer, his work in the field, his love of literature and his love of the superhero genre. His interests were the Silver Age DC Comics genre of the late 1950’s and early to late 1960’s, particularly Superman, Batman and Marvel Comics,including Spiderman, Spiderwoman, the Fantastic Four, Captain America, the Defenders, the Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men. He said he had a collection of graphic novels of all these characters and that his favourites were the Fantastic Four.

“I also want to write, but I’m not sure what at present. That’s why I’ve started going to writing workshops. I would also like to do a graphic novel. You can write it and I will draw it,” Derek said.

“I think that we will be doing that together and a lot more.” Emily responded.

“My feelings exactly,” said Derek.

Staring into each other’s eyes, they continued the conversation throughout the afternoon. They talked about themselves, their families, and their interests, most of which revolved around literature and writing, especially superheroes and graphic novels. They knew that they were meant for each other and that this relationship, which had begun only a short time ago, was meant to be permanent.

The hours passed in the coffee shop. From the afternoon to evening. Many Super Green Smoothies were consumed. Falafel sandwiches, potato wedges, and ginger ales were had. Two young people discussed their common interests. Drawn together by literature, writing, and superheroes. Vowing to stay together and not be parted.

Emily said to Derek, “I came to the workshop to learn about writing and I left the workshop learning about love.”

Derek replied, “I came to the workshop to learn if I had talent beyond being an artist. I left the workshop learning how good life can be when you have someone to share it with.”

Emily and Derek left the coffee shop hand in hand in hand. They would soon be purchasing a wedding band. They made a pledge to each other never to be parted from the relationship that they had started.

Emily and Derek came to an agreement: Our favourite superheroes are the Fantastic Four. We are together now and we are the Fantastic Two.


Love, Romance, and the Superhero

Glen and Deborah Eker are married and live in Hamilton. Both have degrees from nearby universities. They have had articles and books published on genealogy and history as well as news items, fiction, and poetry. Both like reading history, biography, and graphic novels.
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