Las Vegas

By the time we reached the Castle Walk, we were famished so headed into the Italian Restaurant, Buca di Beppo. Good food. Good prices. Lunch special soup and salad for under $10. Even better all-day happy hour at the bar – 16 oz of Budweiser for $3.

That evening we were chatting with folks about our great find. We all decided to return to the Italian Restaurant for supper. Food every bit as good but prices vastly more expensive. Lesson learned. Bargains are available in Vegas, but you have to do your homework.

Tuesday was the big event – a renewal of vows after 20 years of marriage at the world famous Graceland Wedding Chapel. Not surprisingly Elvis presided over the ceremony and sang to us. We were all moist eyed and loved every minute. Only in Vegas. We followed up with a sumptuous luncheon at the Banquet Hall in Excalibur. A great time was had by all.

That evening My Lady and I purchased three-day passes for hop-on hop-off sightseeing with Big Bus Tours. Seventy-one dollars apiece was very reasonable. We passed on the Eiffel Tower because it sounded rather claustrophobic. We did, however, depart shortly thereafter on the fabulous night tour.

Fabulous Las Vegas

First stop was the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. We learned how the designer had failed to copyright her creation and had lost out on millions of dollars of revenue. We cruised down the Strip and were dazzled by the brilliant lights. The Driver’s timing was perfect. He coasted to a stop in front of the Mirage just in time to see the volcano erupt.

After the Strip, we headed to Old Vegas. Thereat, we got an hour of free time to explore the world-famous Fremont Street, and be overwhelmed by the overhead light and sound show. We also learned that Old Vegas is considerably cheaper than the Strip. Bargains were evident all about us. We made a mental note to stay there on our next visit. Yes I’d become a convert. Vegas was in my blood. When the Guide asked who all had been to Vegas before, My Lady put her hand up. When he asked who all planned to return, my arm shot up like a rocket.

We returned along the Strip. Once again the Driver’s timing was spot on. He rolled to a stop in front of Bellagio just as the iconic fountain show began. It was awe-inspiring. The Guide regaled us with endless tales about the grand city. He certainly wore his love for his hometown on his sleeve.

At one point, he waxed eloquent about “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” It was important for tourists to let themselves go and indulge in something they wouldn’t do at home. He confessed that he and his wife rented a room every year. They used one of the queen-sized beds to sleep in and “Guess what we do with the other?”

His audience cringed somewhat awaiting the rest of his tale.

“I order a pizza – eat it while sitting in the other bed watching television – get crumbs everywhere – my wife won’t let me do that at home.”

We laughed uproariously.

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