I am a bird

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I am a bird
The forest was my home
It brought me peace, nourishment and a place to rest
My wings
Forever aching from the long day’s search for this place to reappear
Out of the darkness – clung to the stale air like a sleeping bat
Swaying with the draft, along side the others

But my tired wings, they tremor while I sleep
They feel things I cannot think
The flight of my dreams is shouting to my soul
Defeating my fatigue with electric charge

With the warm breeze – my eyes open to see
This place is real
My wings brought me here
I am a bird.
The wind is my home

My talons cling to this dying branch
The sweet smell of the North bids me farewell
I embrace the current, my wings stretched as far as they can reach
And the wind frees my spirit once again
I glide up and far away from the last moment

I am a bird, I am home.


I am a bird - by Leesa Hanna

I am a writer and artist living in Port Moody, British Columbia. My poetry (and visual art) is inspired by my connection to the natural beauty of the West Coast landscape that surrounds me. I have recently completed writing my first children’s chapter book, ‘The BIG Adventures of Little O - A song for the salmon’. It’s the story of a young orca who becomes separated from his pod and is forced into a quest for survival. He must find the missing salmon and reunite with his pod. In doing so, he will find the truth about the natural world and his place in it.
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    Dianne J Feris2 years ago

    Thank you Leesa for your poem, The Bird. Interesting thoughts and lovely illustration. Good luck on ‘The Big Adventures of Little O; a song for the salmon.’ B.C. is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada my husband and I try to visit annually when we go west to visit our children/grandchildren. My husband is a photographer and I’m a writer also. Keep writing and drawing about the nature surrounding you and I hope to read more about it.


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