His Face

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His Face

As glorious spring shyly approaches, I can’t help but feel that God is smiling down on me. I savour the fragrant perfumed air. I am reassured that spring will not miss its appointment with my tiny space in this vast world. God has turned His face to me once again. I appreciate the subtle hues of the blooms on the previously barren trees. Spring’s orchestra performs expertly as the earth arises from its slumber.

In the winter, God had his back to me. I trembled floundering, groping in a dark, bland, tedious confusion. My head was bent downwards beneath the seeming indifference of the one who had made me. I struggled in despair for each and every breath, thinking only that, one day, I would feel His smile once again. If only I could just wait a little bit longer…

Today I breathe. My lungs are full with life and hope anew. I made it! I gratefully celebrate this lovely day, time, and moment, while rejoicing in the comfort of His pleasure. I bask under His powerful, yet kind, gaze.

I am convinced that He will show His favour and lift me up until the final day of fall is past. Then, with folded arms and furrowed brow, He will turn His face away. I will be alone once again.

by Wendy Welk


His Face

Wendy Welk was born in Alberta, Canada and spent her formative years stargazing and joyfully playing in the snow. Wendy's poems have appeared in newspapers and magazines. She lives with her son and is still a fan of snow!
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