” Gidday EH…Up Ottawa Valley Way “

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Up the line ye say?!

Perhaps the Prior or Ompa

And all in between

Perhaps Perth is your kinda keen

Maybe Renfrew

Merrickville oh yes

I thank thee to GOD

For this area he did bless

My family on Dad’s side

Of Nepean land

Back in the day

When most things done by hand

Times were simpler sometimes tough

Maybe at times kinda bland

Hard work was common

You came to understand

Well not much else I can really say



~ JackiHopper2015~


Gidday EH...Up Ottawa Valley Way

I was born and raised in the former city of NEPEAN ( now OTTAWA ). I enjoy being creative minded....hence love writing poetry...spiritual-inspirational-quirky-whatever comes to mind. I love to draw, playing tambourine and singing in my church music group on Sundays , and church related stuff. I work with the elderly and enjoy that. And to laugh & smile lots. Listening to great music ! I 'm planning to publish a book of poetry in the future.
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