Fowl Play

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Down On The Farm – Fowl Play

Recently, my sister and I were on a short visit to our old home (now entrusted to my brother and his wife). Both of us being grandmothers, it was a great opportunity to take a trip down memory lane.

It was a lovely warm summers day as we set out– each going our separate way, reminiscing, dreaming,… lost in thought.
Before I get too far in to my story, let me go back a few years and tell you about my mom and the rooster.

We raised our own chickens of course–leghorns I believe (appropriately named as you will see )

Among the flock of biddies was the ‘King of the Harem’, very large, very proud and the monarch of all he surveyed.

As was her custom each day, my mother went to gather the eggs. The ladies clucked around her contentedly as she made her way to the hen house. His majesty, eyeing her suspiciously became most upset at this intrusion. In great rage he flew at her…. puncturing her rubber boots and driving his spurs right into her leg. I remember well seeing her wounds. What became of this dangerous critter I am not certain..but I can well imagine his life would have been shortened considerably.

And now for my original story:–back to our reverie on the farm some 50 years later.

As I sauntered down the very same path between the barn and hen house who should be picking in the grass but a rooster!! Memory lane became flooded as I vividly recalled my mothers encounter. Yon rooster raised his head, cocked it to one side and eyed me. Not wishing to be another victim, I made a slow deliberate retreat, thankful that I had been spared.

Later, speaking with my sister, I discovered that she had had the very same experience during her wanderings. We recounted our stories to my brother at lunch time.

With a grin he said “that rooster is blind!”


Fowl Play

I grew up on a farm (eastern Ontario Glengarry county) -am a retired nurse and reverend- married with three sons and eight grandchildren. Telling stories and writing are what I love to do.
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    Lynda Heinsma2 years ago

    Such a cute story. We have been writing our remembrances to as we joined a group called WIN (Write It Now). Jerry has been busy for the last 2 years and I did it when I retired. I now have to get them typed. Well done. Jean.


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