Evolution At The Random Sampler Quilt Guild

Carole grimaced.  “I’ve called an emergency meeting of the guild executive this Thursday to see how best we can deal with this latest controversy.”

“Well come on in, there’s nothing like a cup of tea or coffee and Loretta’s freshly baked raspberry muffins to stimulate our brain cells.”

As Carole entered Freddie’s living room, she was greeted by the other three members of the bee:  Janice Bethune, Jean MacIver, Loretta Jimson.

Carole acknowledged them with a weary wave. “Please don’t say a word until I’ve had one of Loretta’s delicious muffins!” To which everyone laughed.

As Carole settled herself in one of the comfortable chairs,  Freddie brought her a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a warm muffin.

“OK all, now what have you heard regarding the possibility of introducing long-arm quilting?”

“Nothing!” was the collective response.  The scuttlebutt has all been about two male members joining the guild,” Janice replied.

“Not only that, Loretta huffed, “the most preposterous gossip, almost slanderous I’d say has been making the rounds.”

The others nodded.   “Even words such as gay,” Freddie added.  “Why one person (whose name I will not mention) had complained that members would no longer be able to tell jokes or gossip during social time at the guild meetings.”

“Given the tone of some gossip, that wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Jean remarked wryly.

“OK, everyone, enough said,” replied Carole.  “It’s time to put our heads together.”

And so, the five members of the Birds of a Feather quilt bee spent the remainder of their quilt morning, drinking coffee, consuming raspberry muffins and tossing about some ideas which Carole could take to the Thursday meeting of the Random Sampler quilt executive.

*  *  *

The following Tuesday evening, the Random Sampler quilt guild gathered for their monthly meeting at Solidago—the arts and crafts centre which had been established in the former Victorian style home donated  to the community by the late Emma Kinfallen.  The name Solidago was the botanical name for goldenrod and means ‘making whole’.

As Carole went over to greet members of her bee, she whispered to Loretta,  “My  goodness , have you ever seen so many in attendance.  Why there are quilters  I haven’t seen in ages!”

“Nor have they paid their dues in ages,” Janice retorted dryly.

Just then, the two gentlemen who were interested in joining the quilt guild arrived.  Smiling and relaxed, they headed to the front row of chairs where they took their seats.

“Will you look at that!  Delphia Plumtree was heard to whisper loudly to her friend Vera Hofflinger.  “How brazen!  You’d think they’d be more discreet than that!”

“Ssh!” voiced a nearby individual.  “Just because you didn’t choose to sit there, doesn’t mean someone else can’t.”

Delphia sat stone-faced while Vera flushed in embarrassment.

Just then, the president banged the gavel, and called the meeting to order.

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In 1995 I began a series of stories titled The Recorded Adventures of the Birds of a Feather Quilting Bee. A couple of these were published in The Canadian Quilter. Several stories were published in the discontinued Canada Quilts and many more of these quilting short stories were published in Canadian Stories.
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