Dressed For a Queen

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Dressed for a Queen


No one’s around to see her.  She had checked this out first.  All is quiet as she silently, cautiously, descends the staircase clutching the precious garment close to her chest.  Holding her breath from the sheer excitement growing inside, she enters a room and, with the greatest care possible, pulls the ivory lace creation over her head.  Up goes the zipper.  Next the pearl-like buttons.


She stands before the mirror completely transformed by the gown she wears.


I look grand!  I now exist.  I matter.  I am a Lady.  I could even meet a Queen or King without embarrassment!    These thoughts come to her mind all at once.


She is oblivious to the fact of the dress being too big for her skinny frame.  She is alive!  She is now ‘beautiful’ for the first time in her life.


She sighs realizing that she has no reason to wear the loveliest frock she has ever seen.  Now begins the painful part.  The longer she stays in this state the worse it will be.  She must remove this gown and be plain, invisible and unimportant once again.  Reality must rule her life and she knows this.  She has always known this.


Praying silently, she hopes for an occasion to be the Lady before her time is past.  All dreams must come to an end.  Until the next time, when no one’s around and all is silent in the house…


By Wendy Welk


Dressed For a Queen

Wendy Welk was born in Alberta, Canada and spent her formative years stargazing and joyfully playing in the snow. Wendy's poems have appeared in newspapers and magazines. She lives with her son and is still a fan of snow!
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