Dreams of Romance

"In the second one." Elaine said to Barbara, “the romance ended after one night. This one is called 'Romance on the high Seas.'" Elaine said to Barbara. She proceeded to tell her the story.

Anita was from a wealthy and aristocratic family. Frank was what her family would consider a bum. She was dressed very prim and proper. He looked as if he had just been arrested by a copper. Meeting each other on a ship sailing the sea, they both felt considerably more at ease than if they had met in a conventional setting, as her family would have required him to have a detailed vetting. Anita and Frank fell in love instantly, something which might not have happened if they had seen each other elsewhere. By chance they were travelling on a luxury liner with an atmosphere and ambiance that could not be finer. Uniformed valets offered first class service,which made Frank, from a poor family, quite nervous. He had won a contest which had as its grand prize, a cruise. She was a beginning creative writer looking for a muse.

The ship’s dining room was pretty and exquisite. For a waiter here, formal training was a prerequisite. Lavish platters of gourmet delicacies were carried around the room. Guests with linen napkins on their laps and the correct cutlery sat ready to consume. Consuming wine with dinner loosened tongues with the latest social news, on which the wealthy and aristocratic had amazing views. Some intimate couples had longstanding relationships, while others, like our own lady and her new significant other, had only just met. Splendid furnished staterooms offered discrete opportunities for romance or, if guests wished, they could stay in the dining room and dance. Our lady friend and her significant other were ready to retire for the night. Thoughts of occupying the same stateroom did give them a fright. Romance on the high seas can be taken advantage of. A full-blown love affair, when they got home, required approval from above. Tossing caution to the sea breezes, they decided to spend the night together. A remarkable choice, given that despite social status disparities, they were birds of a feather. Underneath suitable clothing, she was a statuesque beauty. An aristocratic portrayal of her nudity would be picturesque. Her eyes were the colour of the sea, and her face was as pale as moonlight. He decided that he had never before seen such a magnificent sight. Covered in black hair from head to toe, he looked a delight. Though from different parts of town, they were so right for each other..

Experienced in intimacy, he knew to use protection. They devoured each other’s bodies with glee and affection. Their intimacy was as exciting as it could possibly be. Oblivious to goings on, the ship plied the  waves. There were no chaperons to ensure everybody behaved. But every night must end, and he and she had to face the cold, bleak dawn. As they finished the cruise, she found that her love was gone. To her, he was a muse for creative writing, no more. She could now write about her cruise with details galore.

Elaine and Barbara looked at each other after hearing the stories and sighed. Would they ever find someone who would catch their eye?


Dreams of Romance

Deborah Eker has a degree in library science and is an avid reader. She has also worked as a newspaper reporter and has had numerous articles published. She has had poems and stories published in Canadian Stories and in a variety of other magazines and anthologies.
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