Dominion Day 1918

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On July 1st 1918 the Canadian Corp was out of the frontlines for rest and recreation. They held a sports day to celebrate Dominion Day. They had horse races, played cricket, soccer, track and field, and softball. It was a day that fighting men could be boys again. They ate a lot of food, cheered each other on, and slapped each other on the back.

During the spring of 1918 the enemy launched a massive attack that nearly won the war. The allies were hard pressed to defend, but they held on by their finger nails. Then the Canadians and Allies counter attacked at Amiens and won the battle that broke the back of the enemy. They raced to the city of Mons and finished the war.

Because of this success the men of the Canadian Corp won for Canada the right to an independent signature on the Treaty of Versailles, which was considered a significant step for political independence. They really enhanced Canadian identity because it was the first time that thousands and thousands of Canadian men from coast to coast to coast stood shoulder to shoulder. They lived and died together, shared a smoke and their last cans of beans. Nova Scotians and British Columbians, men from Dawson and Hamilton, from Quebec and Ontario told their stories, and laughed together.

On Dominion Day 1918 they dreamed of…
Home; they appreciated the beautiful places and wide open spaces
Loved ones, family, peaceful times
The end to war forever

They dreamed of a Canada full of love, life, and hope. On Canada Day remember the Sons of Albion who answered the call of empire, and who came home marching shoulder to shoulder with the Fathers of Confederation.


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