Conversation Within

Go on! Marry him! He obviously loves you.


Are you crazy? Did you think this through? No, of course not! You haven’t known him that long. He could be lying. Ever thought of that?


You want to be happy, don’t you? You deserve happiness, don’t you? Don’t listen to that wet blanket!


Wet blanket? You’ll see “wet” when he makes you cry. And he will, you can be sure of that!


Come on. You’re almost thirty years old. You once said you wanted to be married by the time you turn thirty. Well, here’s your chance – and you have only a few months left before thirty! You know you want it. Don’t think too much. Just do it!


Aha! That’s great advice – “don’t think”! That will really work, won’t it? Isn’t this the one thing you really SHOULD think about? Are you just going to jump into a relationship and NOT think? Stupid, stupid!


Don’t listen to her. She never has anything positive to say. Look at him. Watch his eyes, the way he gazes at you. Don’t tell me you don’t see that he absolutely adores you.


Adore, shmadore! Look at where he lives, not exactly a mansion, is it? Can’t you see he wants to move into your place – maybe have you do all the cleaning, too. Look at the hovel he lives in. He knows a good thing when he sees it!


That’s not true! He’s thinking of the future, for both of you. He’s only living there because he lost his job, and you know he’ll soon find another one. He has money. Look at his car!


Yeah, the car! Isn’t that what they call a CHICK MAGNET? Didn’t you always make fun of girls who fell for guys like that? Now you’re letting yourself get swayed by a red Torino? Wake up!


She doesn’t know what she’s talking about! I know the car has nothing to do with it. He’s ready to buy the ring, remember?   Last night, the candlelight, the fancy dinner he cooked for just the two of you? The bottle of wine?


Hey, I’d cook you a fancy dinner too if I could do it in your kitchen, with food you bought! And you lit the candles. He didn’t even think of them. So he brought wine? Big deal. You know he doesn’t like wine. Somebody probably gave him the bottle and he saw his chance to impress you.


Come on, think positive. You’ve known him long enough to know he means what he says. He DOES love you. Isn’t that enough?


Enough? Just how long do you think ENOUGH will last? When he can’t find a job. When he takes it out on you? You’re a smart cookie. Don’t blow it now. Think, girl, think! Wait for something better.


How much longer do you want to wait? You’ve wanted a relationship like this all your life. You’re going to be happy with him. Don’t let this one get away. This is your chance. How many more do you think you’ll get?


There it is! Your last chance, she says. Do you seriously believe that? Are you going to fall for that? You are NOT that desperate!


Oh come on, I know you’re not desperate. You’re head over heels in love. What could be better?


I’ll tell you what could be better. Using your head, that could be better. You’re making a choice for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! And you’re NOT using your head!


Yes, you are. Make the right choice. Marry him. You’ll be happy, just wait. You both deserve happiness. Take a chance on him.


Yeah, go ahead, TAKE A CHANCE, and see where it gets you. Don’t come crying to me when it doesn’t work out.   I’m out of this!


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today….




I was born in Germany, but immigrated to Canada as a young child. I grew up in Vancouver, attended UBC and the University of Hamburg (Germany), and graduated with the equivalent of a B.A. degree in Cultural Geography. Belize was my next stop, where I worked on a Mayan archaeology project and then taught high school in Belize City for two years. Sacramento, California, eventually became my home for 30 years. I taught middle school English, and later trained/coached teachers throughout California. In 2004, I returned to Vancouver, where I now live with my elderly mother. Here in Canada, I keep busy tutoring high school students (writing skills especially), continuing my Spanish studies and, of course, writing my own stories whenever I can find time.
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