Cats and More Cats


Chapter One: A Day in the Park

One fine bright, sunny day,
in the warm, pleasant month of May,
as I was happily strolling down the street,
happily eating my strawberry flavoured ice cream treat,
I saw a furry white cat,
who was wearing a bright blue hat.
The white cat was with a friend,
a furry grey cat who was very fat.
The white cat stopped to rest on a bench in the park,
which was dark, with her friend the grey cat.
The white cat suddenly jumped up from the bench
and looked around and said,
“Where is my hat?”
The white cat had lost its hat and looked
very sad and very mad.
The grey cat then said,
“Let’s go find your hat.”
They walked back and forth throughout the park,
when they saw the hat on another cat,
The other cat was a brown cat who was dark,
and who was accompanied by a woman,
who had a hundred cats in the park.
She looked at the grey cat,
and the white cat without the hat,
and said “Come with me and become another
member of my hundred cats.”
They all followed the woman with a hundred cats.
Along the way they met an orange and white cat,
who was very big and fat.
The woman with a hundred cats began to talk,
and said to the orange and white cat
“Come with me and my friends for a walk.”
They all walked to her huge home,
where cats can easily roam,
and where all the cats were given new hats.
There were now over one hundred cats,
each wearing a new hat,
and each cat with a new hat had its own home,
on a large estate where they could easily roam,
and have plenty of food to eat,
which they all saw as a treat.
So all the cats were happy and content,
and had a life of luxury,
for which they were never meant

Chapter Two: The Woman With a Hundred Cats

The woman with a hundred cats,
had her house invaded one morning,
by a hundred rats.
The cats chased the rats,
and the rats then chased the cats,
and they dirtied up,
a hundred door mats.
At night the house was invaded,
by a hundred bats,
who scared the hundred cats,
and the hundred rats,
and who also dirtied up,
a hundred door mats.
The next morning the house was invaded,
by a hundred gnats,
who scared the hundred cats, the hundred rats,
and the hundred bats.
They all ran from the house,
leaving the woman,
with a hundred door mats.
A hundred pairs of shoes sat,
on the hundred door mats.
The woman cleaned the shoes,
to use in search of,
another hundred cats.


Cats and More Cats

Glen Eker lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Debbie. He has degrees in Political Science and Sociology from McMaster University Of Western Ontario and a degree in Library Science from the University Of Western Ontario. He has books and articles on genealogy published as well as some poetry and stories.
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