Bonk To The Rescue

A message was received on the Planet Wonkers
That people on Earth, in their mirth, had gone bonkers.
Having a spy there by the name of Zonk
The Director wanted him home, so he sent Agent Bonk.

Bonk was the best, as he had keen sight,
And a great sense of smell, but he only worked nights.
Now Zonk, he was usually in a great deal of trouble
While he played the Agent Double.

Bonk knew that Zonk had been sent to Vancouver,
So he ordered a moonbeam to take him there.
The launch was a cinch and so was the trip
Though he landed in a trash can with a huge flip!

With exceptional sight, he viewed his surroundings
And set up his antennae to take some soundings.
You see, Bonk could not hear like you and I
He needed guidance from his home in the sky.

He started to quiver, then with a shake,
His feet were in motion and some steps he did take
Up the streets and down the lanes,
Looking in doors and windowpanes.

He wondered where Zonk went.
Lifting his nose, he caught a scent.
He knew that odour very well,
Because only Zonk had that smell.

The streets were wide, and he did fear
When the strange Toot Toots came too near.
He walked and walked and walked some more,
And he ended up at the seashore.

Another day was starting; it was getting bright.
Bonk knew he must sleep, his eyes hurt in the light.
He looked around for a place to hide,
Found a hollow stump and went inside.

He needed more power for the night
And put his antennae on top, out of sight.
From the sun they got their power
And would be charged in about eight hours.

He slowly rose from his moss-covered bed
Picked up his antennae, and put it on his head.
The first thing he felt was the Director
Wondering where he was and in what sector.

Bonk shook his head to get a spark,
Signalling the Director “Stanley Park.”
“Zonk is close, you should be able to see
The boat he is held captive in on the sea.”

“Its name, I believe, is the Dragon Queen
Get aboard if you can without being seen.”
Bonk tiptoed through the night.
Having many feet, it was quite a sight.

He saw the Dragon Queen on the waterfront
And borrowed a small boat called a punt.
He sat down upon the seat
And began to paddle with all of his feet.

Trying to keep from being seen
He blinked his eyes rather than beam.
He hit the Dragon Queen with a loud bang
And was seen from above by a sailor named Chang.

Bonk could not hear a word that was said,
And allowed himself to be silently led
To the top deck to see the chief
Who thought Bonk was a thief.

Into the dungeon he did go
To join Zonk who was held below.
They clasped each other with all of their feet,
Then started to plan their retreat.

Putting their antennae on their heads
To the Director they both said:
“We are trying to slip over the side
To float away on the evening tide.”

The wind blew strong, the ship did shake,
Beds rattled, doors shook, and windows did break.
Bonk looked at Zonk and knew they must go
Through the window, hopefully, to the punt below.

They found it around the other side,
Climbed on board and drifted with the tide,
Under the bridge and into the bay,
Where they paddled ashore and slept the whole day.

Awaking to the cool evening breeze,
They gradually rose up on their knees.
Looking to the evening star,
They signalled to their home afar.

A moonbeam shone where they had awakened.
They climbed aboard and were taken
Back as quickly as they had come
To Planet Wonkers, beyond the sun.


Bonk To The Rescue

I am a true British Columbian who has lived/travelled to most corners of the Province as well as across Canada. My writing has appeared in two Okanagan anthologies, local papers and Canadian Stories.
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