Behind My Skin

Behind my skin

A river flows

Melting away the tumbled stones

Wings quiver over humid shores

I hear every tiny squeak and groan

Talons choke a mossy twig

Patience leads

I sit, and wait


Behind my skin

A mountain forms

Rising up through muddy thorns

Shivers wrinkle thickened hide

An early Winter’s at my side

Crumbling carcases under my feet

The earth consumes

Its life for me


Behind my skin

A forest roars

Enraged by life—then death, it mourns

Clinging to hope and truth and love

I rise because I can’t return

Squinting into the light

Shielded by my flimsy limbs

I begin again, behind my skin


Behind My Skin - original photo by Leesa L. Hanna

Behind My Skin - original photo by Leesa L. Hanna

I am a writer and artist living in Port Moody, British Columbia. My poetry (and visual art) is inspired by my connection to the natural beauty of the West Coast landscape that surrounds me. I have recently completed writing my first children’s chapter book, ‘The BIG Adventures of Little O - A song for the salmon’. It’s the story of a young orca who becomes separated from his pod and is forced into a quest for survival. He must find the missing salmon and reunite with his pod. In doing so, he will find the truth about the natural world and his place in it.
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