Add H to O

Add H to O

In the beginning, God,
from his fecund energy,
produced a simple, invisible, very sociable gas,
and called it oxygen;
from the depth of secret volatility drew
a second invisibility
and called it hydrogen.
Then, like child with lego,
He fastened two hydrogens to one oxygen
and created visibility,
replicated in such profusion as to necessitate
two days of gathering into separate bodies.

Well satisfied with the first days,
he used his construct as concomitant
in almost every subsequent creation,
the good cook who adds water
and stirs to life,
as environ for fish,
as fluid within plants and animals,
as thirst quencher, cleanser and solvent.
And he rested the seventh day.

Invigorated, on the eighth day, hovering over BC,
His creative genius not at rest, He fashioned corollaries--
evaporation, condensation, boiling point, and freezing point--
to generate infinite hydrological variety.
He formed the coastal clouds and poured down precipitation,
created fog and dew and mist,
solidified as ice and snow,
created colour and form, utility and pleasure:
visibility in abundance from two invisibilities;
and the whole became greater than the sum of its parts.


Add H to O

Alvin Ens is a poet and a writer of family history and personal essays. He has published five books of poetry, several anthologies of various genres and three books of family history. He edits for people and has edited six books of Fraser Valley Poets Society.
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    Wilma C. Guzman1 year ago

    Wonderful description and attention to life’s intricate details and how they work together. Let us never take our water or clean air to breathe for granted…. and work for all in our country and planet to have these necessities of life available for their well-being.


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