A Sparrow Sonnet

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Vacant sits my wicker rocking chair
On the sunny porch, beckoning me.
But I cannot take my summer leisure there
‘Cause sparrows nested in a nearby tree.

I tried sitting, keeping ever so still
But the Sparrow mom hopped along the rail
With a smorgasbord of bugs in her bill,
Snatched in her flight o’er meadow and vale.

She refused to enter the nest until
I arose and quietly moved away.
Then she the gaping orange mouths did fill,
Soon flying aloft for more tasty prey.

Wee heart beats strong in her maternal breast,
Sorrowing in time by an empty nest.

A Sparrow Sonnet
I am a retired teacher-librarian. I have been writing stories since I was eleven years old, always dreaming of being a published author. Now, many years later, I have had six books self-published and a few stories and poems published in newspapers, and magazines.
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    The accompanying picture is perfect. Well done.


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